Discount Tire Memorial Day Hours 2022: Is It Open or Closed?

Discount Tire Memorial Day Hours 2022 – According to a source, most Discount Tire shops will be open during normal business hours today, May 28, 2022, for Memorial Day.

Bruce T. Halle established Discount Tire in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1960. Halle made the decision to create his own firm after failing at several other ventures. On Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, he rented an old plumbing supply facility. Halle cleaned up the shop and posted a sign outside advertising his six tires (two new and four retreads), and he waited for fresh customers. Getting his first customer took Halle three days; then four more before he sold his first set of tires. Halle stated that when he first opened his doors, he had no genuine business plan in place.

By 1990, the company had more than 200 locations, and in 2002, it had launched its 500th. A Discount Tire store opened in Phoenix, AZ, on September 10, 2018, to mark the company’s 1,000th location. Discount Tire opened its first store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in February 2020.

Discount Tire has grown from a one-man shop to the world’s largest tire and wheel retailer. That success is largely due to their focus on low rates, customer service and their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Halle recognised that product uniqueness was a non-starter in a commodity market and that enhancing the customer experience could significantly boost the brand’s worth to customers.

This development and success may be ascribed to the company’s staff exemplifying its founding principles: treat people with respect and fairness, always do what is right and care for those in need; work hard; be responsible; and enjoy yourself! Employees, not customers, are the focus of the company’s ideology. They believe that happy employees lead to happy customers and not the other way around. Successful people focus on what they owe their families, prospective employees, and customers, according to Halle. Customers, employees, and future generations are all bound by an unbreakable contract. “Do a good job and I’ll create lifelong opportunities for you,” Halle promised his employees.

Discount Tire Memorial Day Hours 2022

Discount Tire Memorial Day Hours

On Sundays, Discount Tire is closed. All stores are closed on Sundays when a major holiday falls on that day. It is common for stores to open later and close earlier than usual on important holidays like Easter Sunday and New Year’s Day. On Christmas Eve, most retailers close early, and on Black Friday, most close later than usual. To be sure Discount Tire is open on holidays, we suggest calling ahead.



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